Ethical Products, Inc. is committed to providing the absolute best consumer value and customer service in the Pet Industry, while never losing sight of quality, innovation, safety, honesty and humanity.


Employees – Our employees are the source of our success. We treat each other with respect, promote teamwork and encourage growth. Excellence in performance is sought and rewarded.

Trust – The foundation of our business is based on trust. All interactions with customers, vendors, consumers and employees will be conducted with honest and mutual respect.

Humanity – We will respect all human beings by creating an environment which recognizes and appreciates the individuality of all our people.

Innovation – We will strive to be innovative and creative in our approach to business, our products and the services we provide. We will embrace change and create something new in order to do a better job.

Customers – Customers are the reason we exist. Our goal is to provide the best service and products to meet their needs. We are dedicated to quality, value and commitment.

Awareness – We are aware of the ever-changing needs of our employees, our customers and the business world. We will invest in the development of our employees and our business as we encourage and accept change and growth.

Leadership – Leadership and excellence are sought and encouraged. We think and perform like leaders and will continue to guide this industry through the years.

Why the Name “Ethical Products”?

The name Ethical Products was selected because it embodies everything the company stands for. We believe that the company must be Ethical in all its interactions with its customers, suppliers, employees, vendors, pets and the environment.

Suppliers – This means that all products must be produced in factories that adhere to an ethical code of conduct including manufacturing guidelines that provide safe working conditions, fair wages and acceptable living quarters for factory employees.

Products – All products must live up to the claims we make and be safe for use by pets. We will unconditionally refund any purchase made by consumers.

Employees – All employees will be treated with dignity and respect and we will provide a work environment free of any type of harassment.

Testing – We will never test any products on animals in a harmful manner to the animal.

Environment – We will continue to strive to be good stewards of the earth we live on by using recycled fill in our toys and beds and by operating our facility with 100% solar power.