Family Owned and Operated

Our Company was established in 1952 and remains
family-owned and operated to this day.

Our brands are well established in the pet specialty trade and have a great degree of brand equity and recognition by retailers and consumers alike. Ethical’s corporate mission: quality, innovation, safety, honesty and humanity. The brand’s distribution has strong presence in the Independent Channel – featured in the majority of pet specialty retail outlets as well as pet wholesalers in the USA and abroad.

Feed Right, Chew Right

That’s our motto at Fieldcrest Farms. We realize the importance of choosing the proper diet for your pet and feel the same should be applied to natural chews as well. Our entire offering, from our very popular Bully Sticks to our delectable beef bones are made with the same care and commitment to quality that keeps your pets barking for more!

Our Product Line

Natural Beef Chews

Our beef bones and cow ears are hearty, durable chews that will give dogs hours of chewing satisfact on. Made from grass-fed, free range beef, they are 100% all natural and grain free.

Bully Sticks

Our oven baked bully sticks are a great treating solution for our furry companions. Made from grass-fed, free range beef, they are 100% all natural, gluten and grain free.

Natural Pork Chews

Our pork bones and pig ears have a deliciously meaty flavor that dogs find irresistible. Pig ears are a healthy alternative to traditional rawhide.

Bully Crunchers

An economical alternative to bully sticks made from 100% beef hide. A perfect chew for all life stages and breeds. Promotes healthy teeth and gums with repeat chewing activity.

Nothin’ to Hide

Our collagen based chews are highly digestible, wholesome chews that are delectably flavored in beef, chicken or peanut butter for top palatability.

We believe your pets deserve
The Very Best


Commitment to Brick and Mortar

At Fieldcrest Farms, we are committed to exclusively supporting Brick & Mortar retailers with our complete line of Natural Chews.


QA Assurances:

We take painstaking measures to ensure that your beloved companion receives the best natural chews available in today’s market. We use superior quality materials available, so that you know you are getting the highest quality natural chews. All products are rigorously tested before and after processing, for that extra level of safety.


GFSI Partners

All supply partners to Fieldcrest Farms are required to be certified GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). This measure was established to ensure confidence in the delivery of safer options for your furry companion.


Pest Management Protocol

At Fieldcrest Farms, we have taken pest management to a whole new level. Our safety program includes treating our facility with the same protocol that is used in baking facilities. By using the same program certified by the AIB, we are confident that your natural chew selection is the safest and freshest available today.


Temperature Controlled Storage

We store all our finished products in our own, state of the art, temperature-controlled facility. This extra step ensures freshness and safety from farm to your home.


Testing Protocols

All Fieldcrest Farms chews are tested on three separate occasions prior to shipping to our customers. The results of these tests are retained for a period of no less than five years. In the event an issue might arise, we have complete traceability through these procedures to identify and isolate potential concerns.


  • Are natural chews and bones good for my pet?

    A-Bones are a good source of minerals and nutrients that help satisfy your dog’s appetite. Chewing stimulates saliva enzymes and helps prevent plaque buildup on teeth and gum disease.

  • How do I know which Chew is right for my pet?  

    Whether you want to give your dog a real bone, bully stick or any other natural chew, it’s important to choose a bone that matches your dog’s chewing rate and chewing habits. Also, consider your dog’s size and choose a chew that best fits his mouth and teeth.

  • How do natural chews help prevent negative chewing behavior? 

    Natural Chews help satisfy your dog’s innate urge to chew. They also help to relieve teething pain, giving your puppy a beneficial item to chew on when teething. If you encourage your dog to chew on bones from puppyhood on, chances are he’ll choose a bone over your shoes, books, television remote, and so on. Offer a variety of bones to maintain your dog’s interest.

  • Are your real bones safe for my dog? 

    In our experience, we’ve seen very few health problems resulting from dogs chewing on real bones. However, any item that goes into your pet’s mouth should be monitored closely.  We recommend supervising your dog’s chewing sessions and taking away any small pieces your dog may break off. Our long-lasting, natural chews are designed to wear down slowly, rather than splinter. We do not recommend giving dogs bones left over from food you eat, since you cannot be assured of the hardness of the bone – particularly after it has been cooked.

  • Are Natural Chews appropriate for older dogs? 

    Provided that your older dog has healthy teeth, Natural Chews are extremely appropriate. The act of chewing provides entertainment and mental stimulation that can be very beneficial to older dogs – especially those who are not extremely active.

  • We just recently added a puppy to our family? Are natural chews safe for her? 

    A-Puppies love to chew! It’s how they first explore and learn about the world around them. While it can be frustrating for pet parents, it’s completely natural. Like human babies, the teething process can be uncomfortable. The only relief they can find is to chew on something…anything…to soothe the pain.

    During teething, many pet parents discover their new puppy chewing their way to comfort, through shoes, remote controls, furniture legs and baseboards. It’s best to manage this proactively. Offering natural chews for teething relief is the best way to appease to their natural instincts while reinforcing proper behavior. Our Natural Chews provide an easier (and less expensive) solution to helping guide them. Also, popping the treat into the freezer is a great way to help sooth those gums and teeth.

  • How long do Natural Chews last? 

    All dogs have different chew personalities, so each bone or chew can have varying lengths of “chew time”.  We recommend that you identify what type of chewer your dog is before picking the right natural chew for them. Much like humans, dogs like variety, so it’s perfectly natural to explore multiple chew options to find your pet’s favorites.

  • My pet loves Bully Sticks. Are they a good option? 

    In a word, yes! Bully sticks are easily digestible, unlike some other chews or treats. Rawhide, for example, can be difficult to digest for some dogs. Bully sticks, on the other hand, are highly digestible, which means that they break down easily in your dog’s stomach. They also don’t splinter like other treats, so you don’t have to worry about broken off pieces causing any internal injuries. As an added bonus, Bully Sticks are low in fat and made from grass-fed, free range beef.

  • I see your product comes from South America? Is that important? 

    Yes. For generations, South America has been globally revered the quality of human-grade beef produced from the region. The stringent quality measures in human food also apply to your pets. The best Natural Chews are made from free-range beef cattle fed on grass. It is also important to us that our sources only use beef that are antibiotic and hormone free. Lastly, we avoid any chemical or preservatives in the manufacturing process to ensure your pet only gets the very best.

  • Once I bring them home, how do I store them? 

    Natural Chews can be stored for a long time before you give them to your dog. Natural Chews can be stored in any cool, dry location and will remain fresh for months. Many pet parents have report keeping them in their original package and storing in their freezers, for future use. These frozen chews can help cool your pup on a warm day and also provide soothing relief to gums while teething. Most dogs will take anywhere from a few hours to a few days enjoying their chew, so it’s important to supervise your pet at all times.