Item #34004 | UPC #077234340042

Made with a Single Renewable Ingredient, Yuca Bark All natural formula – free from chemical agents, perfumes, bleaches and dyes. Better Odor Control – Odor is controlled by our patent pending Yucan Process that provides great absorption capacity and helps avoid unpleasant smells.

Super Absorbent -Natural Yuca cat litter quickly absorbs 7 times its weight in moisture so it uses less clean litter to form clumps.

Tight, Fast Clumping Natural Yuca starch is the active ingredient that quickly absorbs moisture to form tight clumps for easier scooping and reduced litter waste so you use less. 99.9% Dust Free – Less dust for a cleaner, fresher home for you and your cat.

Less Tracking -Natural Yuca litter is soft on paws and leaves less tracking than other clumping litters. Better for your home environment and your cat.
Lightweight – Natural Yuca litter is ultra light and low density so it’s easier to carry.

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